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Our services are focused on the transformation of business and IT.

Customer needs are continually changing due to new laws, regulations, changed economic situations, recent technologies, or simply through persistent trends.


Business Analysis

The aim of the business analysis is to understand principles, structures, business processes and processes, to be able to elaborate solutions and define requirements.

In doing so, the requirements and expectations of different persons and groups of persons (stakeholders) should be taken into account during the business analysis. For example: to optimize workflows, to respond better to customer requirements or market changes, or to implement IT developments and adaptations in a targeted manner.

Ultimately, the result of a previous business analysis should always bring added value to the company.


Business AnalyseBusiness Analyse
Business & IT-Prozess EngineeringBusiness & IT-Prozess Engineering

Business- and IT-Process Engineering

Business and IT processes must work together to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective and timely process. Often, business processes must be adapted to existing IT processes or vice versa. In the most cases this does not lead to clean and structured processes.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the processes in the business and IT process engineering are adapted to business needs as closely as possible.


Management Consulting

The task of the management consultant is to expand the perspective and personal perception of the management, and to add new perspectives. The consultant supports the focus, reorientation and improvement of results, and introduces new topics and ideas.

Our aim is to advise and support the management along the entire value-added chain in an optimal manner and adapted to individual needs. We not only develop and implement tailor-made strategies, but also see ourselves as a sparring partner for management with regards to strategic and operational decisions. In this way, we use our long-term expertise in a targeted manner and achieve sustainable success.

Management ConsultingManagement Consulting


Programm- und Projekt ManagementProgramm- und Projekt Management

Program- and Project Management

Projects are unique, novel and comprehensive undertakings, which can be very complex and place high demands on the persons involved. The right planning and the use of the right methods and techniques are the basis for the successful execution of a project. With our many years of experience in program and project management we support you with your project.

Regardless of which project model, such as Waterfall, Agile (Scrum) or others you select or wish to use, the initial position and the essential phases are very similar, but with different procedures. Which model is more appropriate depends on the project and the preparation and the correct use of methods and techniques is crucial.

Business Transformation

We support you not only in your software and organizational development, but also in the actual transformation of your business processes, organization and products; as well as in the migration of your IT system landscape and data.

With our many years of experience in small and large projects, we are glad to support you with planning and to take over the responsibility for the implementation of whole business transformations.

Business TransformationBusiness Transformation
Projekt Assessments und CoachingProjekt Assessments und Coaching

Project Assessment and Coaching

Is the implementation of one of your most strategic and important projects at risk, or is budget and planning run out of control?

On basis of this information and with the support of your employees, we will analyze the current situation of the project. We consider all aspects such as organizational, technical, business, IT, etc.

In combination with gained insights and our extensive project experience as well as our expertise with regards to project management methods, we work with your employees to develop concrete action plans for a sustainable improvement of the project situation or the subsequent project management. We are also happy to support you in the implementation of these measures, as well as with general support in the further course of the project until the successful completion.

Regulatory Issues

For several years now, companies have seen themselves confronted with new regulatory issues. To fulfill and implement these requirements you often need external support because you do not always have the necessary or appropriate resources.

ADDVANTAGE has already been involved in various regulatory projects such as FinfraG, EMIR, MiFID II and can contribute its expertise and support to companies in the implementation of the regulatory issues both professionally and methodically.

Regulatorische ThemenRegulatorische Themen
Testing ServicesTesting Services

Testing Services

Companies are increasingly relying on the latest technologies so they can cope with ever-changing modernization. Correspondingly, this also increases the requirements for the business and IT departments in terms of testing new software.

We support you with our partners and provide a comprehensive testing service from the test organization to the testing processes, environment and tooling to successfully meet the testing challenges.


Product development and launch

By product development we understand the entirety of the activities required to solve the operational and technical tasks that lead to the introduction of a marketable product as well as the subsequent product monitoring and analysis.

Every beginning is difficult - this also applies to every product launch, since from the outset nobody knows for sure whether the efforts of development are worthwhile or if the new product will be a success. But if the right strategy is chosen, the chances for a successful product start will increase significantly!

It is important to keep an expedited product development methodology. As a rule, the workflows are iterative, which means that in later product development phases earlier work has to be revisited and previous results must be corrected.

The main steps are:

  • Planning phase
  • Concept phase
  • Design phase
  • Development phase
  • Introductory phase
  • Monitoring phase
Produktentwicklung und -lancierungProduktentwicklung und -lancierung
Strategy ConsultingStrategy Consulting

Streategy Consulting

When it comes to a new strategy there are many questions that need to be answered. Experience shows that companies that want to plan on a long-term basis have a clear and consistently implemented strategy, and thus achieve better results.

To be successful in the future it is important to recognize market potential, to seize opportunities and to focus resources. This means planning the future of the company deliberately, and not leaving it to chance. A professional strategy consultancy supports you in strategy development and the successful shaping of the future.

  • Strategy workshops
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Specify strategic measures
  • Vision Description
  • Strategy monitoring